ABC logistics: where we come from

The origin of ABC Logistics lies with a well-known name in the vegetable and fruits trade: Valstar. It is one of the eldest active companies in the sector, with a history dating back to 1928. Presently- since 2008- Valstar is more known by the name Best Fresh Group. The Valstar name still exists, now as the specialist in Dutch greenhouse vegetables who is part of the group.

Still the Best Fresh Group is a family company. Not only since the company is still in hands of the Valstar family, but especially since the company build a “family” of related companies. Independent companies which complement each other and which strengthen each other. ABC Logistics is one of those.

Since 2010 ABC Logistics is part of the Best Fresh Group. Its specialism is logistics for vegetables and fruits, in the broadest sense. From customer specific packaging to transport.