Mission & Vision ABC logistics


ABC Logistics offers a total package of logistic services.
ABC Logistics recognizes that reliability is key especially in fresh products, therefore we strive for maximum reliability in their processes. ABC Logistics works with the customer in focus and deliver the quality which has been pre-determined with the customer. ABC Logistics does this with loyal partner companies, which maximise continuity. ABC Logistics recognizes that efficiency in logistics is crucial. Additionally, they work in a sustainable manner with respect to humans, environment and society.


The world of fresh products (vegetables and fruits) is changing in a rapid rate. Consumers become more critical and retailers more demanding. One of the important shackles in this process is logistics. ABC Logistics recognizes that crucial position, we are the link between farmer and retailer. In our vision our role will become more important. Retailers can position themselves with “fresh” goods. For a logistic service provider this means being flexible and customer focused. The focus should be on working according to the customers wishes for an affordable price, this can be the advantage over competitors.

ABC Logistics wants to leverage its position even more and has all capabilities to do so:
  • A central location in the heart of the biggest production areas of vegetables in the world
  • An efficient organization which entails the whole logistic spectrum
  • Reliable partners who share our ideas and strengthen our approach
  • A stable organization which is financially healthy to tackle future challenges