Quality and sustainability: that’s what it’s all about

These might be the two most used terms in the vegetable and fruit trade: quality and sustainability. Two words who usually come together. As a logistic service provider which is part of the Best Fresh Group, ABC Logistics can lift quality and sustainability to a higher level. Also for you. How do we do this?


Quality must be undisputed with fresh products. The retailer counts on this, especially the consumer counts on it. This big responsibility we dare to tackle at ABC Logistics. What we strive for, is very simple: deliver quality on the highest level. Which becomes very complex. Therefore we have arranged our operation accordingly. Warehouses, processes, protocols, installations: each aspect which could add to quality is under control.

Various certifications show our quality on paper. We work in accordance with all essential certification schemes in our sector. Next to external quality control there is also a big part for our internal quality management. A separate department constantly works on optimizing quality. A task which we execute until the smallest details. This leads to a continuous improvement of warehouses, processes, protocols and installations.


Each economic activity has an impact on the environment. Also the growing and transporting of fresh products. How do we create a minimal footprint with keeping quality levels high. As an innovative service provider we go to great lengths to achieve this.

  • Advanced software for most (environmental-) economic rides, to achieve as low as possible empty kilometres.
  • The use of only Euro 5 motors which work according the newest- strictest- emission demands
  • Train drivers in the principles of the new way of driving (lower energy use, less CO2 emission, higher road safety)
  • Warehouses equipped with the most advanced and energy saving cooling technologies
  • Using rest-heat to warm offices and warehouses
  • Solar panels used to create our own electricity
  • ABC Logistics is partnered up with MVO Westland