Smarter handling, better quality

Handling is fixed to the trade in vegetables and fruits. Both the quality control and packing activities can be done reliable by ABC Logistics. As a specialist we know that handling is an aspect which contributes to optimal quality.

Own quality control

Validly as a retailer you are putting high demands on fresh products. The quality evaluators of ABC Logistics do so as well. In three stadia they follow the quality of each product with their expertise. A first thorough check at arrival of vegetables and fruits in the warehouse, a second at frequent checks throughout the inventory and a third at the time they will be packed and shipped. Quality management is of utmost importance for ABC Logistics. Therefore you will have the certainty that fresh will be really fresh and food safety will be really safe.

Handling product

How would you like to have your products? Sorted, re-packed or re-stacked, packed within a new box or with a sticker? Packaging products according to customer wishes is one of the specialties of ABC Logistics. In our facility we are able to cater to your needs and wishes. Not only customer oriented but also efficiently. Far reaching automatization adds to a competitive cost price.