Also transport through ABC Logistics

Transport from point A to B takes a big toll on the time within the fresh chain. The faster, the fresher. ABC Logistics understands this and therefore we strive towards keeping the transport chain as short as possible. With a complete distribution network we cover all important markets in Europe. Partly our fleet exists of own trucks, partly we make use of specialized transporters. By working with fixed partners, we and you have the certainty that the product will be cared for.

For example, optimal cooling facilities, to ship all products under the right conditions. But also tracking and tracing, in order to have maximum grip on the status of your order. Each truck has a data logger and board computer so that we can reconstruct the rides minute by minute. Automated planning gives optimal loads for each destination within a reliable delivery schedule.

Sustainable transport

Of course we also consider the environmental impact of transport. Therefore all our drives work with the principles of the new way of driving. This is a method which doesn’t compromise the delivery reliability, but does give a minimal use of fuel and therefore minimizes the CO2 emissions.