A complete package in warehousing

To get fresh products flexible is essential for retailers. Therefore we get high demands from our clients in terms of warehousing. As a specialized logistic service provider in vegetables and fruits we are an extension from all supermarket chains. One which offers a complete warehousing package: order picking, palletizing, inventory management, storage and transhipment.

At ABC Logistics we possess all facilities needed to execute the activities efficiently.
  • Location in Poeldijk with a total warehouse area of 15.000m2
  • Total cooling capacity of 4.000 pallets
  • Various coolers with advanced climate control, because of this vegetables and fruits can be cooled at the right temperature and humidity
  • Maximum attention for hygiene and food safety
  • C
  • ombination of modern pushback-racking and racking for efficient processes

Customer specific delivery

ABC Logistics especially is a customer oriented partner. One who can cater to each wish concerning customer specific packaging and transport. Also all (customs) formalities for international transport we will cover, for both import and export.